Ways You Can Spring-Clean Your Gadgets

From wireless headphones, desktop computers, to smart appliances, we come in contact with our gadgets practically every day. What we don’t notice are the billions of bacteria that stick to our tech tools, hiding in the face of mites, smudges, cookie crumbs and grime.

Are you now thinking about that tablet you just brought with you to the restroom? And what about that Bluetooth speaker you passed around in the gym? Yikes. Worry not, there are easy ways to keep your tech safer to use again. Here’s a list of more than one ways.


A synthetic fiber finer than thread, microfiber cloth is widely recommended to wipe off the dirt efficiently on surfaces. When using this type of cloth, it’s ideal when you use it wet when cleaning, and dry when dusting. Water increases absorption and takes that residue in. Just a little dampness is good enough.

The best way to use this gentle material is simply with water. It’s most ideal for phone screens, monitors, game consoles, headphones, and so on. Mixing one part alcohol solution and one part water is recommended for the mouse, keyboard and other electronic surfaces that do not have a sensitive anti-reflective coating such as LCD screens and mobile phones (without the screen protector).

Important note: Never spray this homemade solution directly onto an electronic screen or surface. Always spray toward the microfiber cloth. Lint-free wipes are more ideal for metallic surfaces.

Compressed Air

Greater than atmospheric pressure because it’s kept inside a bottle under pressure, compressed air is a performer when spraying away keyboard dust, entertainment systems, or the nook and crannies of the desktop computer area. You can get the good kinds online or in hardware stores for less than ten dollars.

Wireless Wipes

Simple and an on-the-go necessity, wireless wipes are made with chemicals safe to come in contact with those day-to-day electronic devices. Take it along easily with your makeup remover towelettes to remind you your gadget’s features require regular maintenance and care as well as your physique.

Cyber Clean

This compound may look like a funny, gunky blob, but it’s a well-studied and well-proven material that can absorb dust in the smallest crevices and grips dirt particles (including coffee spills) like a pro without leaving moisture behind. As an added quality, it gives off a refreshing scent from lemon to lime after the scrub. Way to spring clean, Cyber Clean, the friendly and flexible neon glob.
UV Light

Did you know that surfaces can now be cleaned using short-wavelength and ultraviolet light? It’s a higher technology that guarantees to destroy threatening microorganisms in common and various surface types such as metal, ceramic, rubber, plastic, polymer and glass.

Battery-powered, UV light cleaners are less than twelve inches long and are designed as UV disinfection lamp light sticks and sanitizer lamps or wands, so you can take them around light and easy. Much like lipstick, but prevents the spread.
This disinfection method kills a bad bacteria’s ability to harm in mere seconds. It’s ideal for even smaller electronic items such as the external SSD, mini mp3s, including SIM cards. UV light sticks are innovative, wouldn’t you agree?

With the upsurge of new technology springing forth, spring cleaning those fun and handy devices at home and anywhere is a must. It’s basic hygiene. Even your gadgets need to be cared for lest dirt smudges in order for their roles to function properly.

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