Top 100+ Education Blog Commenting Sites List 2023

Do you want to publish your blogs on other platforms and look for a site for that? If so, then you are at the right place. Earlier, when people used to blog, they only had one thing in their mind: backlinks. But linking your site becomes impossible.

But now, when I started blogging in 2023, you need to believe that Google bots have become even smarter, and the most crucial thing is competition has taken a whole new level.

EDU blog commenting site is a helpful way to create high-quality backlinks from educational websites, increase ranking on SEO, and improve visibility. It offers several benefits, which is why more people are considering this option, but if you also want to create high-quality backlinks, you have to consider a few things. Want to know what that is, then keep reading!

Dofollow Education Blog Commenting Sites List 2023 – Updated

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What are the Ways to Create High-Quality Backlinks from EDU Blog Commenting Sites?

While creating backlinks for the EDU blog commenting site, one may consider a few things to avoid and improve the problem. I will help you make everything better with my experience so the mistakes I have faced do not have to go through the same.

1. Create High-Quality Content

The first thing you should always keep in mind is to create high-quality content. Whether you are making a blog, picture, or video, it should be high-quality, informative, and useful to other websites. It can be time-consuming but quite essential for you because this will prove that you have to get backlinks from EDU websites.

2. Reach Out to Other Websites

It will be better if you will reach out to other educational sites. I have not considered these things, which is why I have experienced so many problems. So, if you visit those best education blog commenting sites, then you can even link that to your sites. If you have any content which is related to the audience of another website, then that will help you become more successful.

3. Participate Online Communities

When you get backlinks from any educational website, then that will be possible by signing up on the site and engaging with the other community that will be related to the same field expertise. You need to be careful and follow the guidelines of the community and add more value to the discussion instead of spamming the links to your website.

4. Use Different Social Media Platforms

If you want to attract more attention from people and other educational blog commenting sites, then sharing the content and resources on social media is the best option. It is a great way to get backlinks which is high in quality and that will rank your website high on search engine website and also improve overall visibility.


There is no doubt that getting backlinks from the EDU Blog commenting sites is impressive. Like for me, it is the best option. Though it can be challenging and take time, it can be a great option to enhance visibility and improve SEO.

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