Best Virtual Phone Number for Small Business

Virtual phone numbers do not place your number in a specific location, which makes this new technology very convenient for both individual use and for the development of small businesses. Taking advantage of virtual phone number, small businesses can successfully expand their customer bases and find new suppliers of goods.

Many small businesses need to reach new markets. Whether you’re a design agency that needs to expand its customer base, or a clothing store that needs new merchandise suppliers. Any business requires connections outside their country in order to be able to sell a product that is unique to your market.

For example, you own a start-up company and decide to expand and enter another country’s market. In reality, the easiest and most convenient way to expand the geography of your company will be to create a channel of communication between you and your clients or partners, and a virtual phone number will help you with this.

In this article, we have selected for you several services that will help you to expand the boundaries of your business and give you the opportunity to grow and develop.

First on our list would be the Grasshopper service, one of the best companies providing virtual phone service for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Small business owners a simple solution and useful features. The service has no hardware or wires and can be set up in just five minutes. The main features of the service are: a simple and easy setup interface, personalized greeting function, management of the service via a mobile app, as well as through a laptop, the ability to connect toll-free numbers. The cost of connection depends on the desired number of connected numbers and functions you need. On average, Grasshopper connection will cost you from $29 to $89.

Another popular service for connecting a virtual number for small businesses is OpenPhone. The service offers inexpensive communication rates for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. The distinctive features of OpenPhone tariff plans are: the ability to connect international calls, the organization of group calls, recording of telephone conversations.OpenPhone connection costs between $17 and $25. To add international calling services to your rate or add another phone number, you’ll have to pay extra.

The next service we’ll look at is eVoice. eVoice is one of the best companies to connect virtual phone numbers, the key difference is that the service allows you to send faxes online, so you don’t need a machine to receive them. In addition to faxing, eVoice has the ability to connect a 24-hour automated receptionist. The cost of the connection is calculated individually based on the features you require.

If you’re looking for a service that you need to connect to a virtual number locally, Talkroute is great. The service provides up to 10 virtual numbers, mailboxes for voicemail, team extensions, and video conferencing capabilities. The cost of this service starts at $19, as before, it depends on the services included, there is also an opportunity to try the service for free.

Additional benefits of Talkroute are: creating an employee directory, defining business hours in which your company can be reached, downloading custom automatic greetings, connecting local numbers for free, unlimited calls, text messages, voicemail and video, and a convenient app accessible from both your laptop and cell phone.

The last service we’ll look at today is RingCentral. The service offers a cloud-based phone system for both personal business calls and customer service. RingCentral’s business rate includes unlimited domestic calls, SMS, video conferencing and in-app chat, and there is also the option to connect international virtual numbers. For small businesses, you can purchase toll-free numbers for more than 200 U.S. and international area codes and create a multichannel communications system.

With RingCentral, you can connect more than 30 digital channels, connect call routing to optimize customer service, there is also a feature to record phone calls, which comes in handy to improve the level of communication with customers. The main features of RingCentral is the function of connecting virtual phone numbers for business, recording and routing calls, the ability to connect additional integrations. The cost of the service starts at $30 and depends on the features you need.

A virtual phone number allows small business owners to become more flexible in selecting clients and contractors, as well as to scale their business and work in other countries. Systems like the one above allow you to grow your business for little cost and with a user-friendly interface. Before you connect a virtual phone number system, please note that each service has its own features and limitations, which you should check with customer service.

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